YouTube pulls down Harmonize’s “UNO” video after copyright claims

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Ralson Njenga
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YouTube has today taken down the video of “Uno”, a song by bongo Flava artist Harmonize. This comes only a week after Kenyan producer and singer Magix Enga accused Harmonize of sampling his beat.

Earlier on during the week, Magix Enga took to Instagram to vent his fury claiming it took him a day to create the beat and therefore he would not just allow anyone to mess with it. On a post on his Instagram, Magix Enga orders Harmonize to take down the song or else he would do it himself by his own means.

Magic Enga raised the copyright claim after Harmonize used the same beat that he had produced for the club banger, ‘dundaiing’ ft Kristoff and King Kaka. The video has thus been pulled down with only the audio content available. A spot-check on Harmonize’s official YouTube channel read, “Video unavailable. This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Magix Enga”

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After this incident, Magix Enga took to social media to sound a stern warning that no one should dare steal his beat.

Harmonize is yet to respond.

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