YouTube deletes Ethic’s Tarimbo and issues warning.

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YouTube has banned Ethic’s track Tarimbo that was released less than a fortnight ago and issued the Gengeton group a first warning of having their YouTube channel being completely deactivated sighting lyrics that promote rape. This comes less than a week after Kenya’s moral cop Dr.Ezekiel Mutua the C.E.O Kenya Films Classification Board banned the song from being played in Kenyan airwaves terming the lyrics of the song ‘rapey’. He also called for the arrest of the group famed for pioneering the new genre of music and wrote to Google to have the video brought down through a post he made in his official Facebook page

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The song had aroused mixed reactions from Ethic’s fans online with many terming the lyrics inappropriate and going against every fibre that binds Kenya together morally. Other die-hard fans commenting on the issue mocked Dr Ezekiel Mutua and dared him to delete the song from their phones. This was after he shared the news of the songs deletion from YouTube on his Twitter handle.

The song had reached over 800k views on Youtube in less than a week before its deletion mainly propelled by the controversy surrounding it and also the number of subscribers that the channel had. Ethic was recently awarded by YouTube for achieving a feat of 100k plus subs.

Read Also  The Rise Of Gengetone Music
Read Also  The Rise Of Gengetone Music

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