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Sometimes its rather easy to ignore the tiny concepts that build up the big battle we seem to be in a rush to fight as a society everyday ( By society i mean the scarce bit of our humanity that actually believes in the path of diversity – if you are reading this right now then maybe you deserve a patt on the back because you belong to this so called ‘ society’)

So lets forget about bad influence, poor parenting or even bullying, just for today. Maybe just take this moment to visit one of these tiny concepts im talking about. Violent video games play a large role to the battle we fight everyday to restore normality. Don’t get me wrong, gaming is fun, its great.. id call myself a gamer but my unnaturally ashaming skills to play fifa speak for themselves.

Video games are getting more ratings and more interests from not just teens but grown ups too. Everyone wants to get the experience. Its a good hobby and method of making money too but it is also a good method of distorting human behavior and altering it in the most unnoticeable ways.
Apart from the clichés ( immense weight gain, addiction and fatigue) aggression seems to be a huge impact that speaks for itself when it comes to violent video games.

Violent behavior especially from children has been recorded in the past years as an effect of video games (especially the violent ones) It is either because the kid lost to one of his mates, his/her mom made them get off the couch and ‘experience the not-so virtual part of life’ or because they want to be like a certain character in the game they just played.

Aggression slowly becomes a personality if left uncontrolled so thanks to game making companies, the next generation is going to be filled with a bunch of aggressive, ninja wannabes who want to display anger all the time.

Why do people play video games? Once you are playing the game, you become part of it. My favorite part of doing it is the hd screen display and the vibrating controller on hand.Being part of the game allows you to step into the vitual world and live like a totally different person.You get to forget about bullies, about the girls that constantly reject you, about mean people and you live in a new universe where you and only you matter. You are boss, you get to call the shots and do anything to anyone. This is just an embellishment, at the end of the day you will still be that person yoy try to escape everday and looking in the mirror will only ever cause disappointments. Life is supposed to be lived.

Grand theft auto, the name seems cool. It sounds like something you can definitely talk about and not feel boring. Grand theft auto also known as Gta ( by the ‘cool’ population obviously) is the leading violent video game at the time. it has all kinds of red flags, prostitution, bad language, violence ( you can literally kill anyone), alcoholism and many more. It is the perfect way to start aggressiveness, drug abuse or even cursing.

Games like these rely on decisiveness and judgement. The decision you make in the game shows gives an outcome, only that this doesn’t work well in the real world. Many gamers are usually tempted to do the things they do in video games in real life. it may seem totally stupid but statistically speaking, we all have different IQs; Take gta as an example, you are on a mission and you decide to live a little, and in the rush you get broke, you walk to a hospital and steal an ambulance and start giving free rides. This will completely alter with a person with a vunrable mind when it comes to judgement.

A friend of mine once told me that before he got his driver’s license he already knew how to drive, i asked him how and that’s when he went on to tell me that through video games he learnt how to drive. Part of this may not have been true but i later realised that if i spent my days playing violent video games with driving experiences and all that i might also be tempted to start a car.

What im trying to say is that the himan brain is wired to crave instant gratification, fast pace and unpredictability. What you feed your mind is what you technically become.

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Sometimes its rather easy to ignore the tiny concepts that build up the big battle we seem to be in a rush...