Why Juja Remains Loyal To Super Metro

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Juja is served by multiple matatu and bus Saccos plying the Thika-Nairobi route 237 but over the recent years Super Metro a minibus Sacco has almost edged out all the other public service vehicles (PSV) seemingly monopolising passenger transportation along Thika Superhighway. Super Metro buses serve several towns in the outskirts of Nairobi. They ply the Nairobi-Juja route 236, Nairobi- Kikuyu route 105, Nairobi-Thika route 237 and most recently Nairobi – Makongeni route. Super Metro has been in the Thika Superhighway Route for a few years but its popularity has been on a steady ascent among mostly commuters from Juja.

Super Metro’s success in the cut-throat competition in the Juja-Nairobi route with heavyweights like Manchester Travellers Sacco, Kenya Mpya and its two sister companies Neo Kenya and Joy Neo Kenya, Chania Travellers and Lopha stems from a few things that they did differently from what is always the norm of matatu operators. Through this, they have been able to maintain a cult-like following visible during the rush hours with long unending queues. Commuters would rather queue in hard pounding rain for an hour than board the available alternatives. Such is the loyalty of Super Metro’s Juja customers. I have listed five reasons why Juja has been this loyal to Super Metro and you can also feel free to add yours in the comment section.

1.Quality Customer Service

The guys serving as conductors and drivers in Super Metro are just super. The young and vibrant conductors will readily serve you with utmost respect and diligence that you require as a customer, unlike other matatu operators who handle their customers like some luggage they want to hurriedly dispose of. Super Metro has also instilled discipline in its customers when boarding. Customers only get in when it’s their turn to board. This has been made easier through a queue. This has actually been Super Metro’s brightest idea since it has done away with the hustle and bustle at the bus stops. It is only at Super Metro’s bus stops that you won’t see those overly touchy intoxicated touts.

With Super Metro, customers can be able to get their lost items like IDs, ATM cards, documents, keys, money yes money! and other valuables dropped in their buses by visiting their offices in Njengi House 5th floor in Tom Mboya Street. They also have active social media pages on Twitter and Facebook for customer interaction and feedback.

Personally, this is the reason I keep going back to Super Metro because honestly who doesn’t like to be treated with some respect?

2.Affordable Rates

Super Metro’s bus fare from Juja to Nairobi and vice versa range from 40 shillings in the off-peak hours to 80 shillings in the peak hours. Unlike other matatu operators rates, these rates are not affected by the weather. The logic that is used to triple bus fare because of rain baffles me. I don’t get the correlation between money and rain.

Super Metro also has customer appreciation rides where customers are ferried for free. This is usually when they are launching new buses in their fleet.

3.Safety and Comfort

Super Metro is safer compared to other transport service providers on its route. All the seats in the whole fleet are installed with properly working safety belts in accordance with the law and this was so way before the crackdown by the government on the matatu industry. Their drivers also adhere to almost all road signs and are drive carefully. The keyword is ‘almost’ because they are also a matatu company. What do you expect?

On comfort, Super Metro provides ample leg space, unlike your normal matatus where passengers are crammed up with no space to stretch their legs. It’s not like those matatus you alight feeling numb throughout the body.

Super Metro also has very comfy seats to go with the ample leg space. Although they are usually dusty sometimes, they are better compared to the pest infested uncomfortable seats of normal matatus that leave your butt hurting for days.

4. Funky Music

To most grown folk, loud blaring music in a matatu is a nuisance but to Juja’s mostly student population that is a determining factor whether your matatu will have customers or not. The Super Metro fleet plays well-selected DJ mixes from Juja’s very own finest like DJ Ocheezy and DJ Bra and others like DJ Demakufu and DJ Lyta that auger very well with the students. The music ranges from old laid back RnB to modern trap music and also reggae and ragga.

5. The artwork and Graffiti

Super Metro buses like any other matatus keen on the youthful market has some really amazing urban contemporary artwork graffiti both on the exterior and interior. The buses contain pictures and drawings of both local and international musicians and people who have shown extremely good performance in their specific fields like sportsmen and human rights activists.

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6 months ago

This article on why juja customers prefer super metro ,I relate and support 💯! Who wouldn’t love some good ragga music on your back after a long ride. Should I just add that super metro gives you a chance to your own privacy and space, unlike other matatu saccos where they have multiple bus stops and people just criss cross you on your seat. I am a loyal super metro fun who enjoys a direct flight every time.

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