Ways Of Keeping Your Room Tidy


Having a clean room is desirable. It helps you to sleep better, feel better and be desirable to yourself. Here are 9 ways for you to ensure that your room is cozy and inviting:

Make your bed

After waking up you should spread your bed after confirming that your bedsheets are clean. If the duvet has an odor, you should hang it out to air for a few hours before you spread it on your bed It is always a welcoming feeling when you come back home after a long day to a well-made bed.

Clean your sheets

Bedsheets should be changed at least once a week. This is because when we sleep, the sweat and body oils are absorbed into the sheets and pillow cases which causes them to smell and cause allergies or even cause pimples on the face.

Clean your room

Spare 10 -20 minutes per week to thoroughly clean your room. This should include dusting, scrubbing and even washing the mirrors, window panes etc. You could make this activity fun by listening to music or podcasts while doing the cleaning.

Keep clothes off the floor

As tempted as you might be to leave your clothes on the floor after removing them, please do not as they will accumulate and cause a bigger mess. You can opt to fold them, hang them or throw them in the dirty clothes bin.,

Open the windows

This is essential in letting clean air especially after you have woken up or dusted the room. Ensure the window panes are clean to prevent accumulation of dust which can cause allergic reactions or flu.

Put dirty clothes away and clean them

Most people prefer to wash their clothes once or twice a week. It helps to declutter the dirty clothes you have. No matter how clean your room is, if you have dirty clothes in your basket then that will be an eye sore.

Fold clean clothes

After unhanging your clothes, make sure that they are neatly folded and stored in the baskets or wardrobe according to your taste .You could store them in colors, sizes or how often you wear them .

Do not eat in the room

If you have to eat in the room, make sure that it is not food that will easily stain your sheets or carpet as it will lead to more cleaning work for you. Eating in the bedroom is likely to attract bugs such as bedbugs and cockroaches.


Make sure that as you are leaving the room you walk out with something that is not needed in the room eg a cup you had left and  no longer need. It helps to reduce the mess in the room.


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