Was JKUSA Awards Gala Night 2019 a flop!?

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Ralson Njenga
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The JKUSA Awards Gala Night went down last evening at the Pavilion grounds. The event saw more than 30 students get awarded after clinching victory in various categories. The event organizers however raised a lot of eyebrows after putting up such a haphazard contest. Many of the students who attended the event heavily criticized JKUSA with some expressing their disappointment with the entire planning behind the event.

1.Failed to keep time.

The event which was supposed to begin at around 9 pm started a few minutes after 1 am. This whole time nothing much was happening really, the stage wasn’t even completely set yet. Therefore guys just had to chill but soon it started drizzling.


The stage was quite poorly done tbh. It didn’t even have enough lighting. It took a couple of hours before it was fully set. Guys took so long before clearing from it for the function to begin raising further questions as to whether there really was adequate prior planning.

3.Sound and lighting.

The quality of the sound system was quite wanting. King Kaka during his performance even mentioned it, stating that we really should not be having such problems in 2019. The lighting was another disturbing issue. It was not until much later that the stage got lit up enough, otherwise it was quite dark.

4.Technical hitches.

The lights went out a couple of times disrupting the event, sometimes taking too long before it was fixed. The sound system also spoilt the mood a few times as it was being diagnosed.

5.VIP rail barrier

The rail was not stable and it kept on falling. This caused a lot of chaos especially since it was raining.

6.Melee in the crowd

There was a tussle that ensued in the crowd during the awards, in the VIP section. This happened particularly during the category of the female class rep of the year. This caused commotion on stage interrupting the event for some time.

7.Indecisiveness on some categories.

This really was a major setback. It even led to wrangles in the crowd as some contestants felt they were shortchanged. This happened specifically during the category of the female classrep of the year as two contestants were announced separately as winners during different instances.

Generally, the event was not so appealing. The organizers really baffled their student fans who came out in large numbers to support the event despite the bad weather. However, there’s always room for improvement!

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