What is Mental Health? understanding mental health


Understanding Mental Health

We are getting worried and sad at times. We all suffer from something. Some of us just choose to hide it from the world and put on that smile yet deep inside we are burning. It is when we are alone that we talk to ourselves. We remind ourselves of what’s hurting us. Little do we know that we are slowly plunging ourselves into an emotional turmoil. The pain, the terror, the horror that we keep inside can devour us. That is why we need to talk about our psychological well-being and that is basically mental health.

Mental health is such a complex issue. For example, when someone is afraid of giving a speech, does he or she qualify to have a mental health disorder or is he or she just shy? If the person is shy, then at what point does shyness qualify to be a social phobia?
Which is why we really need to understand mental health and its disorders.

Mental health is the overall wellness of how we think, regulate our emotions and how we behave.
When something changes how we think and behave to a point where we are stressed and our normal functionality is disrupted then, a mental disorder may have manifested itself. Mental disorders may affect relationships, friendships, your general work output and how you learn.

We live in a society that makes fun of stammerers, a society that will justify killings on social media, a society that will bully us. With that said, our social expectations and cultures also play a role in defining mental health. What might be termed as normal in one society might be a cause for concern in another.


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