Top Websites you Can Earn From at Home.

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  1. Copy writing Network

They hire online content writers and you can also work as a freelance writer and get freelance writing jobs on a daily basis. They provide a wide variety of opportunity for writers since they have a rich clientele who look forward to spend money on writers who have skills. They also have courses to help people learn how to become professionals in copy writing. You are also allowed to withdraw the lowest amount you earned in the day. This works hand in hand with scripted and fiverr

2. Ajira

The Ajira digital program is a government initiative driven by the ministry of information, communication and technology to empower over a million people to access digital job opportunities. The components of the Ajira digital program have been designed ti address the main challenges that hinder the youth on benefiting from digital job opportunities. They offer training resources and certifications on certain training and therefore make it easy to work with them.

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Here all you need is to complete your profile which includes your username and the email you will use, browse for jobs that suit your expertise, skills, price and schedule, bearing in mind there are a couple of jobs relevant to different abilities. Write your best bid. put your best foot forward and have your best pitch. Also, make the client know you understand their brief. From then, you get awarded and therefore earn.

Sell your e-books, affiliate or referral programme, selling courses or guides and selling your class notes.


you earn via articles you write and they pay anyone willing to write new items for certain themes. The traffic on your article will determine your payment. we have different websites that work the sane way for example

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Read Also  Best Home Workout Apps 2020

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