Top Skills That Will Be In Demand After Corona

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With COVID-19 new infections curve flattening in most parts of the world, the world is set to get to normalcy in three months or even less. With this there will be a boom in the business world considering that the pandemic has created a big lull in almost all segments of the global economy. A return to normalcy will mean that hard hit businesses will be looking to return to normal operations within the shortest time possible. This consequently will make some skills very marketable.

1. Web Designing

Businesses will be looking to getting to the profits they were making before the pandemic. Therefore, many a company will be expanding their services to the internet through websites. Businesses that have not been offering their services online have also learnt a few lessons during the pandemic. Thus, there will be a big shift to the internet and web designers are set to reap big.

2. Event Planning and Management.

The creative industry has been mostly hit with the cancellation of gatherings and also total lock down in some parts of the world like Europe and America. Talk of events like music concerts, festivals, conferences and weddings, all have had to be postponed. Peeps will party hard once the pandemic is over and they need skilled people to plan the gigs. Event planning and management skills will be in great demand.

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3. Photography, videography and graphic design.

When was the last time you had a good professional picture of your business, family, friends or even one of you for the gram taken? After the pandemic, the first stop for most fashion enthusiasts well, after apparel stores will be photo studios. Photographers and videographers are also set to make a killing offering their services in the music concerts, weddings and conferences. New businesses looking to visualize their products in ads will be looking for videographers, photograpers and graphic design. Photographers and videographers can add value to their services by learning new skills like Photoshop for photo editing, Premier Pro for video editing and AfterFx for photo and video effects.

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4. Marketing Skills

Businesses, both new and old will be looking at making sales and getting good returns during the post-corona business boom. Keeping in mind that many products and services will be flooding the market, good marketing skills will be the defining factor of who gets a bigger share of the market. Thus, corporates and small business will be looking for good and highly skilled marketers for their products. A quick search in the internet and you will find corporates are already offering markerting jobs since business is not doing good. Aspects of marketing like digital marketing will be more sought after. Marketers can also improve their skills by learning new skills like Search Engine Optimization ( SEO).

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5. Programming and Software development.

After spending most of their time indoors with less distractions tech enthusiasts will most certainly come out with new and interesting ideas of apps and other software. Programmers and software developers will be in great demand during the boom to actualize the ideas by writing codes and making the apps functional. You can learn how to code for free in the following websites here

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