Top 5 Easy Business Ideas to Start In Campus in Kenya.

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Kenya for the past decade has been grappling with an ever-growing unemployment disaster among the youth both in the formal and informal sector. Coupled with this is the failing Kenyan economy making international firms to close shop due to unprofitability and unfavourable government policies. According to the World Bank, Kenya’s youth unemployment rate stands at 17.3% as of 2017. Youth (15-24) make up 20% of the population in Kenya. With these stats it is only prudent that a Kenyan youth is better off self-employed than depending on the government for job creation. I have put up a list of five best business ideas that a Kenyan youth can set up around campus.

1. Web design and Graphics

Most companies are now taking their businesses online and with this, they need good responsive websites accompanied with appealing graphics to offer quality services to their clients. This presents a golden opportunity for a skilled and creative student to make good clean money. This skills can be easily learnt through the internet. Most companies prefer young people doing their web designing and graphics for they are up-to-date with online trends. Advertising firms also pay good money for graphic designers.

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2. Offering Dry cleaning and Laundry Services

University students have tight schedules juggling between academics and having fun. Doing laundry while on campus can be really boring and tiresome. With a small capital, one can acquire a few new or second hand washing dry cleaning machines and cash in on this opportunity.

3. Offering Errand Services

Apart from a few branding costs, no capital is required to set up this type of business. With busy schedules at the university students, lecturers and university staff offer a reliable clientele for someone offering errand services like shopping, parcel delivery etc.

4. Blogging and Vlogging

Kenya offers one of the cheapest and most reliable internets in Africa. This presents an opportunity for youth to make a few coins on the internet. Once you find a niche you are excellent in say cooking, sports, video reactions, news and lifestyle blogging, makeup artistry etc… you are good to go. Blogging is purely text-based where you create and share content in your field of interest to your readers. Vlogging shares the same concept only that it is video-based. Blogs are rated in terms of the traffic they generate monthly. A blog with sizable traffic offers a good advertising space. With vlogging product placement, endorsements and advertisements can get you quick bucks.

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5. Printing, Photocopy and Scanning Services

University entails a lot of paperwork. Acquiring a printing, photocopy and scanning machine will come in handy. Good thing is that all these can be done with one machine. A photocopy machine is cheap to acquire and the business is easy to run. The huge student population on campus provides a dependable market for your services.

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5 months ago

The marijuana business is also very lucrative

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