The Reality Of Dating On Campus


What’s dating on campus really like?

I remember joining campus determined to date the ‘cool kids ‘I had spent my break watching in chick flick movies only to be met with, well, ordinary guys. As a freshman, my longest relationship was 2 months. Sad, right?

With time I realized that nobody was trying to settle down as a freshman.

Most freshmen join campus and feel like its place full of freedom and a chance to get away from their parents watch. They want to try everything they have read on Wattpad, comic books, watched on chick flicks and heard their seniors brag about. Well, that includes hooking up, trying drugs and sleeping behind bars for the weekend just for some thrill. 

Dating on campus can be pretty exhausting and heartbreaking. Not everyone dates on campus because they love each other.

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Reasons People Date

There are various silly reasons why people date on campus:

  • Money. Let’s be honest, campus students are broke people. That’s why they jump in at an opportunity when a sugar daddy or sugar mommy approaches them. 
  • Sex. There are people who just can’t keep it in their pants. They get excited whenever they see an attractive girl/guy. That is where most freshmen girls get exploited in the name of love. Of course, such relationships don’t last long because the guy eventually moves on to look for the next target.
  • Peer pressure. What’s worse than having all your friends dating and you are the third wheel. That’s why some people get into relationships so that they won’t be judged as loners or dull people. Peer pressure gets to all of us and we want to be seen as cool as other people.

Ever heard of nudes’ leaks? I am sure all these relationships start off as innocent then along the way a misunderstanding happens and your nudes get leaked. Why do people even send nudes? This is why you can’t be too cautious of the guy you are dating on campus otherwise you will end up being a laughing stock. You always have to know what their intentions are and if their goals rhyme with yours.

Then there’s a weird class of men who have a committee where they discuss you and how good or bad your game is. Often, they will place dibs on you and your friends to see who is the easiest to smash. 

Campus is a stage in life where you want to discover the type of guy/girl that you like, explore your sexual desires and maybe finally get out of the closet. Nobody is looking for a lifelong partner at this point. Everyone wants to just have fun while focusing on their career goals, and having a partner might disrupt that.

This is why there are more hookup stories and casual relationships   than successful dating stories in campus. Due to the numerous parties one would feel inclined to stay single so as to experience all the fun there is.

However, there are people who have found love in such situations. I have a friend who absolutely hated the idea of being in a relationship but her one-night stand turned to be a 2-year relationship.

Well, am not saying that we should all avoid dating in campus. If you are still determined to find your partner in campus, you have to know that not every guy has the best intentions for you. You may end up being just a body count for them or end up getting infected with STDs. 

Identify the one who has the qualities that you love and value and go get ‘em.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Couldn’t be more true. We need to be frank about what goes on. The thing to watch out for is that this ‘spur of the moment’ decisions do not alter the course of our young lives.


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