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Simple and Effective Home Workouts

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Gym closed and you cant access any workout equipment? Don’t worry. Here are five simple and very effective home workouts that will keep you fit and in perfect shape. These exercises are so ‘portable’, they can be done anywhere. All you need is the ground and your body. There is a worldwide supply of ground and your body has to be the most portable thing you own.

1.Push ups

Push ups are the most effective way of keeping fit for beginners as you really need not so much training and practice to know how to do push ups. Whats more push ups are a form of compound exercise. They work multiple muscles in the body. Push ups primarily target the upper body muscles that is the chest muscles, triceps and the shoulder. They also work the back muscles and give you that firm core and well engaged glutes. 4 sets of 20 reps of standard push ups are good for a start. For great results ensure your chest touches the ground and keep your elbows close to your body. Your back and lower body should be on the same level while doing push ups to avoid injuring your spine. You can try other variations of push ups such as one hand push ups, clap push ups,diamond push ups and superman push ups to spice up things.


Planks are closely related to push ups as they also work multiple muscles with the primary target being the core region. Planks increase your core strength,increase your flexibility and your posture. In the fitness world, crunches and sit ups look up to planks in getting that beach body. Crunches and sit ups may not get you those scones like abs and you may end up with lower back injuries.

How to do planks

Holding a plank is pretty simple. Get into the push up position but this time using your forearms instead of your palms to support your body weight. Ensuring that your body is in a straight and firm posture, hold the plank 20 seconds then increase the time as you get better. 3 sets of 60 seconds are good for a beginning. Try other variations of the standard planks such as the single leg plank, side plank and knee plank to break monotony.

3. Lunges

Lunges are vital in developing lower body strength. They target muscles around the lower body primarily like the quadriceps in the thigh,hamstrings, glutes on your hips and calves.They are also effective for a firmer core.

How to do lunges

To do a lunge, stand upright with legs slightly apart. Make a forward step with left leg shifting your weight forward . Lower your body till your leg reaches 90 degrees keeping your rear knee parallel with the ground. Lift your body to the original position using the lunging leg. Repeat this for on leg then switch to the other or alternate leg after every lunge. 2 sets of 10 to 15 reps for each leg are enough. You can also try around the world lunges where you walk while lunging to spice things.

4. Squats

Just like lunges, squats are important for a well toned and strong lower body. Squats target areas are the quadriceps and harmstrings on the thigh. They also work the glutes and calves. The only difference between lunges and squats is that lunges work a single leg at a time while squats work both legs at a go.

How to do squats

To do a squat, stand upright with your legs shoulder width apart and the toes pointing not more than 30 degrees upwards. Sit back ensuring your back is straight and your butt pops out backward. While at it, ensure your heels remain on the ground. 3 sets f 10-12 reps are enough.

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