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Usb Network Gate is the one stop Sharing Software you would really love to use. It allows you to share usb ports /Usb port forwarding over Ethernet. 

Yes thats right you heard it right.. With Usb Network gate someone from the other side of the internet can access your Usb ports at the comfort of their coach.. 

want to share Documents from your flash drive or you want to print your something directly to someones printer? Usb Network Gate got your back. 

How i found out about USB Network Gate.

I discovered USB network Gate when i wanted to fix an issue with my friends phone.. He was far.. I tried to guide him but he could not understand.. 

While doing doing research i stumbled upon Eltima~ USB Network Gate i maneuvered through their webpage and saw it was a paid service i was kinda disappointed how can i pay for something and i have not tested it.. 

i dint stop there While scrolling down there was a link to Download the software for free and test it for 14 Days free.. Guess what? 

its 100% Free No Credit card required, no commitment.

How to use USB Network Gate..(SETUP)

I downloaded the Trial version and also told my friend to download it on their computer.. 

The RED arrow shows Local devices on my computer which i can choose to share any..

The Green arrow is the remote side which will shows the remote devices shared from my friends Computer.


I also registered an account on Logmein which allowed both of us to port forward our network connection so that we can be able to see his devices on remote side.

here is how it looks like

LogmeIn Hamachi

After connecting our networks with Logmein my friend shared his device

iPhone connected and shared

i could see his phone from my side just like it was there Physically.

Shared Device connected succesfully ready to use

Voila!.. and there we go i fixed my friends Phone remotely.. To use USB Network Gate no advanced Computer skills is required.. Install and Run with a few clicks..

After that i decided to Upgrade my account. USB Network Gate is by far the best USB share software you can get.. 

Try it for Free Now! 

To Download USB Network Gate you can go you will get 14 Days Free Trial which later on you can upgrade Premium and get your license  from as low as 159.95$ Per Year..

USB Network Gate 1 Year licence price

To learn More about USB Network Gate Premium Features go to USB Net Gate Premium

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Share USB Port with Eltima ~ USB Network Gate

Usb Network Gate is the one stop Sharing Software you would really love to use. It allows you to share usb ports...

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