Safaricom and Airtel launch new series of phone numbers: 01***


Safaricom and Airtel Kenya customers will soon be able to acquire new phone numbers with the prefix 01**. The old phone numbers with the prefix 07** have run out according to reports from the Communications Authority of Kenya.

Communications Authority of Kenya Director General Francis Wangusi announced that the two giant telcos had already been issued with 5 million new subscriber numbers. Safaricom with 2 million and airtel with 3 million numbers. Safaricom subscribers will use the prefixes 0110 and 0111 whereas Airtel subscribers will use 01001, 0101 and 0102 under the new series. This move will see the service providers increase their scope in the Kenyan communication market.

In a statement made during the launch of the new series General Francis Wangusi assured Kenyans there will be no additional cost implications. ” I wish to assure consumers that introduction of new series of mobile number prefix will have no cost implications on the consumer but will encourage more innovations and investments in the sector, particularly with the proliferation of new technologies that are widening the horizon for new and innovative services.” he said.


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