Resumption of Football Leagues

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When will the football be back? I know this is the question on every sports fan’s mind right now. In this  article I will inform you on when the top five European leagues will be back. Various leagues seem to be on a pathway to resumption of competition despite the ongoing pandemic. Lets start with some good news from Germany and then take a close analysis of progress of other leagues including the Premier League!

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German Bundesliga

Matches in the league started this Saturday 15th May starting with the Dortmund derby. It will be the first Among the top leagues in Europe to resume after the two month break due to the novel Corona virus. Maybe its a symbol of hope that soon all the leagues will be back. The main intention of the league is to complete the league, decide a title winner (Bayern Munich), relegation and promotion.
Reports indicate that 5 substitutes will now be allowed for each team to prevent injury due to the backlog of matches.


Italian Serie A

Italy has been severely hit by corona virus with the league having been postponed since March 9th. However clubs have been given go ahead to resume training on individual basis. So far only Juventus has been able to comply with the government stipulations. However the government is yet to allow the resumption of the league.
Without resumption of the competition Italian clubs may be expelled from European competitions.
There have been reports that the league is working towards a May 13th resumption

Spanish La Liga

The league is set to return on July 12th with the Seville derby. Most of the teams in Spain’s top flight are returning to training. Unfortunately five players in the league have tested positive for corona virus. Return to work of most clubs has been a significant step towards resumption.
If the league returns on the set date fans are in for a thrill as there will be matches daily!

English Premier League

There seems to be quite a number of obstacles that still need to be tackled before the world’s most popular league is back. Some of the players in the league seem to think it is a bad idea to resume the league. The British government has however given the league the green light to commence training and the league can resume anytime as from June 1st.  The premier league is working on a June 12th return. Reports from a meeting of all managers indicate the league will be back in a few weeks. Fans have a lot to look forward to  as there are 92 games to be played over a period of 7 weeks. No matches will be played simultaneously to allow fans to catch all the games.

France, Netherlands and Belgium have already cancelled their respective leagues.
But in the meanwhile stay home and watch Bundesliga

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Resumption of Football Leagues

When will the football be back? I know this is the question on every sports fan's mind right now. In this  article...

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