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New Year Resolutions for Campus Students

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It is finally another new year.

We have the chance to start over and set aside the goals we would love to accomplish by the end of the year.

In campus we often fall into a repetitive schedule. Fixed classes, fixed friends and fixed after school activities.

This repetitiveness often makes us bored and less motivated and we end up following the schedules until we end up finishing school with no outstanding accomplishments.

This is why we need resolutions. Our resolutions should be simple and attainable which helps to reduce the pressure we often get while trying to accomplish them.

Some of the resolutions we can include to increase our productiveness are:

1.Try something new such as a new hobby, take swimming lessons, pottery, knitting, baking or go hiking. These fun activities can be new escapes for you and your friends when you hang out.

2.Be a better friend, partner and family member.

3.Get involved with activities around you and strive to learn more every time.

4.Get more organized. Create a diary or journal to help you plan your time and activities.

5.Start waking up earlier for lectures, group discussions or to exercise.

6.Go to the gym and start a new diet to help tone your body, lose weight and keep you healthy.

7.Travel to destinations you have always wanted to go to. You can to make these memories with you and your friends to make campus more memorable.

8.Quit drugs such as alcohol and nicotine

9.Discover your passion and work to improve or capitalize on it

10.Be a better person and strive to make another person’s day better

11.Be open to love and to give love, comfort and care to others

12.Make more money and save up for your future

13.Get involved in school activities such as sport or art tournaments

14.Love yourself more and be patient with yourself.

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