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David Oyando popularly known as Kendrick Mulamwah an online funny videos sensation and a trained from Moi University was trending for the better part of the day after he decided to call it quits. He expressed his frustrations brought by online trolls(read bullies) by setting flames to his signature jacket.

Mulamwah shared a video of him burning down his signature jacket followed by a saddening post saying his decision was a tough one to make but was also informed by varied valid reasons including the loss of their baby

In a lengthy post the 26 year old explained said that he expected his career would bring smiles to people’s faces and lift spirits of those who are sad and down. He also hinted that the loss of his actor girlfriend’s pregnancy was as a result of stress due to trolling.

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Mulamwah was caught up in the new wave of trolling trending on Twitter where a section of netizens call out celebrities and troll them for petty reasons. Other celebreties that have come under attack before are news anchor Yvonne Matole, Betty Kyalo, Bahati and the viral TikTok sensation Azziad Nasenya.

Ironically, this comes after Mulamwah was hosted on K24 to talk about cyber bullying and its effects to the targets week ago.

Kenyans on Twitter went further and compared him to Flaqo who also rose to fame thanks to Instagram skits but flaqo came out and appreciated mulamwah for his constant support when it come to social media…and went further to urge netizens not to trash a talent they all participated in growing

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Read Also  ICRC fires a racist employee for insulting guard

Some of the big names in the entertainment industry have come out in support of Mulamwah urging him to carry on and not be affected by the negativity and cynicism on social media platforms.

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