Ndua Pork Butchery

Mutura pronounced as ‘motura’ in street jargon is one of the profound street foods in Kenya. For those not in the know, mutura is a delicacy made from boiled minced or chopped up meat stuffed into tripe (matumbo). The meat can be beef, goat meat, pork or even chicken meat. Yes, you read that right! Chicken mutura is a thing in some parts of Nairobi. The stuffed tripe is then roasted over medium heat on a charcoal-burner grill for not less than 30 minutes. It is best served hot with kachumbari. Darkness and some dirt are also key ingredients for beginners.

In this article, I have sampled a few Mutura joints that are mostly frequented by Juja folks in no particular order.

Quality Cuts Butchery

Quality Cuts Butchery

Located about 50 metres from Juja main stage opposite the Cooperative Bank building, it is easily the most frequented Mutura joint in Juja because who doesn’t like that tantalising chilli in kachumbari after a tiresome day of running errands in town?

The service here is super and wait for this,the mutura chunks are served on plates and a toothpick to devour your sumptuous mutura is also provided! The mutura here is unique because it’s made from chopped up meat rather than the usually minced meat. This is considered the original method of mutura preparation. The meat used here is very chewy though.

The servings here are very generous. Beginning from 20 shillings upwards you can have yourself very big chunks of juicy mutura. Real mutura connoisseurs know you can easily spend 200 shillings in a mutura joint and I found myself doing this severally here. You can also enjoy your mutura with a cup of hot Thuffu(soup) for 20 shillings a cup. These joint really lives up to its name; Quality Cuts.

Juma Nelson’s Place

Located a few meters from Gate C on your way to Karangatha House, it’s very convenient for students leaving school.

The mutura here is spectacular and tasty. One thing about this joint is that you have the option of choosing the type of kachumbari you want. There are basically three types one without chilli, another with medium amount of chilli and one with huge portions of chilli for those who like to test the limits of their taste buds. Here is one of the few places in Kenya you can have your mutura served with Barbecue sauce and it really slaps different. Who said you can’t have your mutura with chapati? At Juma’s place, you can have your mutura artistically wrapped with steaming hot chapati. The creativity here is mindboggling.Frequenters of this joint call the mutura-chapati combo “taco” for reasons known to them.

The portions here are not that generous but worth every dime you spend. From 10 shillings upwards you can have yourself mouth-watering mutura.

Here you don’t have to savour the sweetness of your mutura standing. There are a few seats for the customers where they can catch up. Juma is a jovial and talkative chap and knows how to engage the campus folk who make a huge chunk of his clients on various topics.

Ndua Pork Butchery

Ndua Pork Butchery

The name says it all,this is the few places you can get yourself pork mutura. The preparation of pork mutura I am told is quite different from how the other types of mutura is done and it’s an art that chaps at Ndua Pork Butchery have mastered very well.

This joint is located adjacent Happy Supermarket and opposite the Bata Shoe shop. It is convienient if you are leaving or entering Juja. The portions here are reasonable.

Abdi’s Place

Abdi's Place

It is found in one of the busiest streets in Juja and you can easily miss it but real mutura connoisseurs know very well that where there is smoke there must be some yummy mutura. The joint is found just when you are making the corner to Seasons Hotel. The sweet aroma of Abdi’s Mutura can be smelled from as far as where Sunrise Hotel was located.

One thing that separates Abdi’s joint from the other joints is how he handles his mutura. He uses a stainless steel tong while chopping up your mutura and this goes a big way in preventing the contamination that comes from handling food and money at the same time. Here you can also get tasty mutura chapati combo with very tasty kachumbari.



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