Measures of Preventing Spread of COVID-19


Washing our hands has become the most advocated activity towards curbing spread of covid19, there being other measures we could take.


The virus is mainly spread from person to person, between people who are in close contact with one another. When someone coughs, sneezes or talks, the respiratory droplets may land into your mouth, nose or eyes and get to your nasal membrane and therefore gets inhaled into your lungs. Most times it may be spread by people who are not showing symptoms. Avoid close contact with people. Places like malls, places of worship, market places, public transport, banking offices, restaurants, hotels and bars could be areas of high risk.


. Covid19 can also be spread by touching contaminated surfaces thereafter touching you nose, eyes or mouth. This is why we are advised to clean surfaces frequently and wash our hands too. We might not be sure about the items and surfaces we get into contact with so lets keep disinfecting and washing hands with soap or using sanitizers as discussed below. Sanitize the staircase support grills and door knobs too.


This is effective when you wash your hands for more than 20 seconds and if you need timing just hum the happy birthday song twice.

You could also sanitize with an alcohol based sanitizing gel if you cant access soap and water. The sanitizing gel should be based on at least 60% alcohol.

washing hands could also help curb other infections that may cause flu and diarrhea

4.Staying Indoors

Older adults and people of any age with serious underlying medical conditions such as Diabetes, HIV, Asthma, Bronchitis and Tuberculosis among other respiratory conditions, may be at a higher risk for more severe complications of covid19. They are therefore advised to stay indoors to avoid contact with people thus reducing risk of contacting the virus.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth to prevent the virus from getting to your nasal membrane and getting inhaled to your lungs.

Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth to prevent the droplets from settling on your nose or mouth in case you are around people. The best way to prevent illness is avoiding being exposed to the virus by staying indoors.

In case you are sick, stay at home except you are getting medical care. Take care of yourself, have enough rest and stay hydrated. Stay in touch with medical doctors in you reach and avoid public transportation. Cough or sneeze into your elbows or use tissue and dispose then be sure to wash your hands or sanitize immediately.

As much as possible, stay in one room and stay away from pets. Use a seperate bathroom if possible and if you need to be around others, wear a cloth face covering.

Symptoms of COVID-19

Keep monitoring your symptoms for they include fever and cough and follow guidelines from your healthcare provider. Seek medical attention immediately have the following symptoms:

  • trouble breathing
  • persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • new confusion or inability to arouse
  • bluish lips or face

Ensure you call ahead of visiting your doctor and cover your nose and mouth.

Avoid sharing household items like drinking glasses, cups and eating utensils then wash them thoroughly after using them. Clean all the high touch surfaces like doorknobs, remote controls, bedside tables and table tops on a daily basis.

Ensure you have correct information regarding the disease in order to know how to curb its spread. WASH YOUR HANDS AND STAY AT HOME.



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