Marangi Mia

For long Juja has not had an art studio or a platform for youths to hon their talents. I say this because I spent part of my childhood growing up in Juja and things have been the same for ages. Marangi Mia Art Studio is, however, changing the narrative a single art piece after another.

Set up in 2016 and ran by the young and talented trio of Nzofu, Dart and Ezra, Marangi Mia Art Studio is situated behind the chief’s office and opposite Mlandizi Apartments and those with a keen eye for art won’t miss the place. In fact you can smell a whiff of paint waft through the air as far as from the Coca-cola Depot. The breathtaking pieces of art displayed outside the studio make it stand out from the dusty and rusty surrounding stalls. At night it is also very vibrant with beautifully artistic lights brightening up the street. It actually does a thing on Juja’s image!

The art space has grown in leaps and bounds and recently moved to its current location so as to get ample space to support different forms of art that are; Art, Craft and Music. Through this, they slowly but surely changing the bad narrative of Juja being a drug haven for youths and putting Juja in the map in matters art.

Marangi Mia Art Studio organises monthly jam sessions where youths can showcase their talents at absolutely no cost. The studio has had various bands such as CTBC Band and Just Music perform at its premises. It has also hosted various stand-up comedians and the very talented spoken word artist Ryan.

From as low as 1500 shillings one can cop themselves the beautiful pieces of peerless craftsmanship on seamless canvas. The prices range in sizes, quality and the amount of time taken for the finished product. They also incorporate their beautiful art designs to interior designs.

Marangi Mia Arts Studio is never short of events and workshops. They are organising an event slated on 4th and 5th of October and a workshop for art enthusiasts scheduled before the end of the year or early next year. Visit our events calendar for more info on the events and workshops organised by Marangi Mia Arts Studio Juja.

For those interested, you can be able to reach them through their Instagram page @MarangiMiaArtsStudio or visit their physical location throughout the week except for Sundays.


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