King Kaka Breaks The Internet!


King Kaka’s song “Wajinga Nyinyi” has gone viral on the Kenyan social media space and eliciting mixed reactions from Kenyans of all walks of life. In the 7 minute song released on 14 Dec 2019, King Kaka calls out the Kenyan Government for the bad state of affairs in the country and the Kenyan people for not learning from previous government wrongdoings.

In the spoken-word track which trended no. 1 on Youtube a few minutes after its release, he names controversial scandals that have rocked Kenya. The track trended across all social media platforms for the better part of the weekend getting Kenyans into a conversation with the hashtag #WajingaNyinyi. Politicians, activists and other artists have come out strongly supporting the sentiments of the rapper in the song.

The conversation across social media was centred on all the political problems that have been ailing the country and the government’s lack of action. Governments slow and partial approach to corruption cases has also been greatly discussed.

Opinionated politician Dr Miguna Miguna and KFCB C.E.O Dr Ezekiel threw weight behind King Kaka’s song through a series of tweets and posts on Facebook. Instagram stories and feeds of popular artists and public figures were also filled with clips extracted from the song. The song also trended worldwide at no. 19 on Twitter.


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