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Kilundeezy To Land Contract With Major Smartphone Company?

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Xiaomi Kenya the Chinese phone company that recently opened shop in Kenya has hinted on working with Kenya fast-rising Gengetone artist Kilundeezy. In a post that was shared in the phone company’s verified Twitter account, they asked their following of more than 6K what they thought of a Xiaomi x Kilundeezy collabo. Fans of Kilundeezy have been elated with news and are literally blowing up the comment section of the Tweet.

Rise of Kilundeezy

If you have been keeping tabs with the Kenyan entertainment scene you most definitely have heard about Kilundeezy the new kid on the block who has been making serious show biz moves. Kilundeezy rose to stardom solely through Twitter. He used to post short videos of one minute doing freestyle and his lyrical flow got better by day and day by day his fan base among KOT grew bigger.

Love from the fans was so great that they chipped in to crowdfund money for ‘Bomb ya Saddam’ his first studio song from the audio recording to the video production. The song released only a few weeks ago has been doing substantial numbers on YouTube a fate that is usually very difficult to achieve for up and coming artists.

Xiaomi joins the KIlundeezy wave after entertainment bigwigs who for a fortnight have been inviting Kilundeezy for radio and TV entertainment shows like NRG Radio, The Trend on NTV and Kenyan DJs who have been very supportive to the young and talented artist. He has also headlined the weekly event dubbed Sunday School at 1824 thanks to influencer Seth Gor.

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