Kenyan DJ makes it to Forbes 30 under 30!


It is yet another big moment for Kenya in the entertainment front as another Kenyan DJ makes headlines. Ivy Awino better known by her stage name, Poizon Ivy has been named in the latest Forbes 30 under 30 Sports list.

The Kenyan born, USA bred, entertainer, DJ and one of the few, if not, the only Kenyan working in the NBA is the official NBA’s Dallas Mavericks team entertainment manager and DJ.

Awino, who oversees in-arena music for the Mavs, was named in this year’s Forbes lineup of the world’s brightest young stars for her excellent DJ skills and ability to keep the Dallas Mavericks crowd going. She has been listed amongst other sports superstars from various categories such as all-star athletes, inventive entrepreneurs, front office standouts and accomplished professionals from law, media, and development.

Before becoming the team DJ for the Mavericks, she worked as a ball girl for five years at American Airlines Centre. She then went on to become the team’s official DJ after learning to DJ in college.

Poizon is the second ever female NBA team DJ and in 2018, became the first woman to DJ the NBA All-star game. Her top-notch performances have amassed millions of views on different social media platforms and early this year she launched an initiative in Senegal for the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program.


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