Most times we make drastic moves not thinking deeply on the effects of the action. Residents in Juja around Gashororo joined hands with the police to beat up students during last week’s strike by the JKUAT students.

The strike was due to insecurity in the area but the residents thought it a threat and attacked most students even robbing them of their valuables. Students residing around Gate D that is Gashororo have therefore decided to shift to other areas with better security and hostels approved by the university.

This brings a great impact to the business owners around Gashororo. Food vendors complain of the reduction of customers and consumption of their goods and services due to the shift. As you make your bed so must you lay on it, the business owners have therefore had a perfect description of the saying and are bearing the consequences of their action by not taking into consideration the cries of their customers.

Students are a major reason for the economic growth in Juja constituency and therefor their predicaments are to be heeded without favour.


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