J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen, a popular high-end hangout joint in Westlands Nairobi, has come under public pressure threatening its closure, as social media went wild with numerous videos and threads on Friday morning, December 12th. This is after a reveller making an appearance at the club posted a video on Instagram with a lengthy sentimental caption claiming she was assaulted by the bouncers and the club manager. The victim @faysflow posted videos of the incident and the response has been overwhelming on Instagram and Twitter.

Fay says she was slapped and had lemon water splashed on her by a female bartender from the club after asking for her change after spending Ksh.5000. The bartender reluctantly handed her the change after thirty minutes which she collected from the tip jar and afterwards threw lemons at her and slapped her.

The fracas ensued shortly afterwards when the bartender called security on her. They were hurled by the bouncers but they remained adamant demanding to view the CCTV footage. She asked for the manager who arrived but was audacious from arrival.

After some confrontation, Fay and her friend got locked inside a room together with the bartender and a few other J’s staff for two hours. During this time they were being stroked by Vincent, the manager who was infuriated and repeatedly insisted he could not be told how to do his job.

She was separated from her squad the whole time and it took the effort of her friends Barak Jacuzzi, Sinatra Okello, Emmanuel Jambo and Dj Big Bear to communicate with her sister who contacted the cops from Muthangari Police Station and got her rescued albeit further persuasion. They however later recorded a statement with the police.

Following this occurrence, Fay has launched a petition against J’s, with many celebs and tweeps backing her. She claims that was totally uncalled for and it was high time someone spoke out about it. She has shut down J’s after they released an official statement terming it as false and the footage as manipulated. Many movers posted the short video, J’s Cancelled, on their stories airing their views about the issue as well. Many claim ‘blacks’ are discriminated by being offered lacklustre services with whites being served the best due to the tips they sometimes offer.\

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PT 1: Last night, I was slapped and had lemons/water thrown at me by a female Bartender at @jsfreshbarandkitchen. This all took place because I merely asked for my change back after spending 5000 shillings. She claimed she’d given me change which was false and accused me of being drunk and not looking properly in my bag for it. Out of frustration, she digs into the tip jar and hands me my change (30 mins after I asked for it) which is when she proceeds to throw lemons on me & slap me. She then calls security on me who then grabs me and picks me up very inappropriately. I'm in shock at how much aggression was used against me for being wrongly treated and she directs more security to come and grab me. The security continues to shove me, and at this point, my reflex is to slap this security to get myself free as three other security guards join him in forcibly dragging me out. Thankfully, my friends Emmanuel Jambo, DJ Big Bear, Barak Jacuzzi, Sean Preezy and others saw the situation escalate while one security choked Sinatta Okello. They helped to separate everyone. Sinatta and I then went up to the security/ cctv room to ask them to review the cctv footage of the whole incident. My friends followed to ensure I was okay and that the situation was dealt with accordingly. As we were going through the footage with a lady I found seated there, the bartender came up too. I asked for the manager on duty to no avail. My friends joined us upstairs to complain about the use of excessive force on us and they were all soon after forcibly pulled out of the room by security. The manager appears and is disrespectful from the beginning. I learn later that his name is Vincent. Vincent strikes me across the face because I asked for the manager telling him I know he is not the manager. Things continued to escalate from here.

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