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Kirubai Brian
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I love how everyone acts cold these days; it is like a virus of emotionlessness is spreading all around the world. People skipping from one relationship to another faster than they would an actual skipping rope all in the name of living life. I wouldn’t blame them since humanity’s loyalty levels have gone down the drain and what is left is just scar after scar of broken trust that must now hurriedly heal or risk being exploited by other humans. Seems our predatory instincts never left us.

I love how everyone acts cold until shit gets real and now they switch roles to the victim, wallowing in a pool of self-pity and eventually succumbing to emotional hypothermia. How they all walk about talking about how hard it will be for them to trust again but in real sense they just trust as easily as they did the first time because at the end of the day, all our interactions involve the currency of trust. Why is it hard to trust though? Why do we walk around scared and weary that the next person you meet will stab you in the back next chance they get? Well it’s simple, the first person you ever stabbed was yourself and now you are worried everyone has a similar MO.

We betray ourselves because we let our insecurities drive us. Yearning for that extra something that you believe will make you a complete package but in real sense a complete package never exists. We yearn for perfection forgetting that to get to that you first have to experience imperfection and in all this deprive ourselves the little things, the little moments in life that constitute happiness. That smile however brief from a friend receiving a genuine compliment, that random thank you dish out to the watchman when leaving a premises goes a long way in instilling a culture inside us. A culture where one can be kind without fear of consequence or it being a sign of weakness. A culture where we can trust each other and stop being these cold heartless people we pretend to be.

Perhaps I share the sentiments of a madman by thinking in such lines but a friend of mine once told me that we are all just a bunch of souls seeking similar pleasures differently and roaming around looking out for only ourselves won’t make it any easier for us to experience our pleasures. It will be much easier looking out for one another but I’m afraid I don’t trust humanity to get to that level yet. So back to subzero it is.

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