How to Keep Your Relationship During This Coronavirus Pandemic

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Keeping a campus relationship during this pandemic almost sounds impossible. Speaking from a personal point of view, everything sounds harder and more so, a cliché. The normal is just too boring, and the things you enjoyed talking about just don’t make sense anymore. Am I reading your mind? No? Well, forget it, the fact that you are here simply means that like everyone in a campus relationship, you are looking for answers, lucky for you, I have done the research.

1.Accept the situation as it is

There is a small chance that this corona pandemic doesn’t make sense anymore, and you just don’t understand why you have to stay miles apart from your loved one. On the other hand, maybe you low-key feel angry, but research shows that its normal to feel the way you feel. As a matter of fact, a huge number of partners fall into this cycle whenever something unexpected happens between them and their loved ones and have to redefine the new normal in their lives completely. So, take a breath, look around and accept the situation you are in, maybe you feel angry at your partner for going, or at yourself. Find that inner peace and accept that this pandemic is here and might be for some time.

2. Invent new things to do

It might be too normal to talk about somethings, so invent new things to do, play a game or something. During this pandemic, be open to ideas and the effect they may have on your relationships. If your relationship was majorly physical, you might take this time to learn about your partner on an emotional level. So, play those games and open up once in a while. Some games that you might try include truth or dare, never have I ever, two truths and lie. Although these games might sound cliché, building them with a new set of rules to suit the two of you is the most important part.

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3. Do something together

Any connection is crucial during this time, so with the absence of physical connection, invest in other forms of connection, whether psychological or emotional. The two of you might either watch a series or read a novel or plant a garden or build something. The main goal is, you two do it together and can send pictures to each other and discuss it. The concept is, trying to have a central point of connection for both of you.

4. Take advantage of technology.

Imagine how the quarantine could have been without technology? Now that it is here use it. Call them once in a while and talk. Psychologists prefer video calls since seeing the person makes a strong connection impact than a voice call. Again, there are a lot of issues around this, so talk to your partner and understand their point of view. There is a game application for couples. I saw a friend of mine play with her boyfriend the other day, you might try that. The point is, explore and find new things, technology is constantly evolving, keep up with it.

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5. Understand your partner

We know that you want to feel connected to your partner every time, and with the effects of the quarantine, you certainly might find yourselves with a lot of time on your hand than your partner or vice versa. It will not be logical to demand them to be online with you all the time. Understanding that people come from different backgrounds is the first step. Maybe you are free most of the time, and maybe your partner has things to do at home. Understanding each other and the amount of time each one of you is free is a step towards finding a convenient time for both of you that won’t be disturbing or demanding too much of the other partner.

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6. Don’t be afraid to end things.

Campus relationships are mostly built on the concept of campus, which may include dating because of loneliness, sex, etc., with that said, it takes a lot of commitment for a long-distance relationship to survive. Hence, if you feel pressured, don’t be afraid to end things, it might be for the best. Also, being bored might play a part during this pandemic period in terms of finding other people more interesting than your significant other. On this, make the right choice that you feel is good for you. 

7. Sext

Sexting is a lot more complicated and, on its own, a large topic to indulge in at this point. -that’s why it came last-. However, now that you are apart, try to find a way to slip that ka-sexy naughty text to your loved one once in a while. When it comes to a full-blown sext, prepare for it, I think the two of you should be invested in the act if at all you two decide to indulge-sexting with someone who is washing the dishes always feels out of place. The best part of sext is that it doesn’t have rules, and anything can fit, provided that your partner is down to it. So, send those pics, record those videos, or whatever else you might choose to do. In terms of wording, be creative,  

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