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How to keep up with school work.

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Pulling an all-nighter, submitting an assignment late, or going to an exam unprepared is very common ln campus than most people would like to imagine. Students always begin a semester with high hopes and resolutions but along the way, mostly after 3 weeks, we lose psyche and stop attending classes at all until we hear rumors of a CAT. What’s worse is that now when we have online classes, one can easily sign In and sleep away the class hoping they don’t get chosen to answer a question.

 The late-night parties, road trips, and sleepovers occupy most of our time and we end up getting behind in our classwork. However, in every class we always have those students who are always early to every class, whether it bounces or not, they have updated notes and always seem to have their life together. If you are the opposite it can be quite intimidating and demoralizing.

Therefore, I have some tips you can use to help change the course of your academics before the semester is over:

  1. Organization

Have you ever attended a class, sat at the front and the lecturer asked you what you learned about in the last class only to try and check your book and find out you carried the wrong book? Now you can’t copy. Ensure you organize your notebooks and notes according to units and the day of the classes. It helps keep your mind at ease too and avoids having to write your notes in different books.

  • Ask classmates

It is important to maintain a good relationship with your classmates. You can inquire on what you learnt in the last lesson if you never attended the class and whether you have assignments or tests coming up. They can even help you with notes and explain certain concepts that you cannot understand.

  • Attend classes

Please attend your classes and make them worth the tuition fee you pay. If it’s not for a valid reason then don’t skip classes. For some courses or units its always better to hear first hand information from the lecturer. It will also keep you alert and well informed on the school work.

  • Write everything down

Most lecturers dictate notes and assignments and if you do not write it down it can be a bother. This once happened in my class where a lecturer gave a lengthy assignment and some students jotted it down while others just listened and did it. On the day of submission, some students had written wrong topics, used wrong fonts, wrong spacing etc. It was pure chaos which could have been prevented if we had written down what was said in class.

  • Avoid procrastination

Do your work at the time you are free because you will be able to do the research better than when you would when rushed. Don’t stress yourself out. The hangout can wait.

  • Make a schedule

Have a timetable with the units in session, assignments due and the date due. It will enable you to know the assignments that are a priority and do them. It only makes sense to do an assignment due in 3 days than one due in 2 weeks.

  • Set up reminders

Even after making timetables and schedules we can forget to do assignments if we are really busy. This is why it is helpful to set up reminders on your phone as an alarm so that you can do your work in due time.

  • Reward system

Set up a reward for ourself every time you accomplish a goal. I do this every time and I get motivated so much that I do work in time so that I can have a justification for spoiling myself to a treat.

I hope this will at least  give you a little motivation to start catching up on your schoolwork.

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