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Bored during quarantine? Quarantine period has come with a wave of laziness and lack of psyche. I mean, it’s a boring cycle of waking up from the bed to sleeping on the sofa, eating 30 meals a day and gaining weight. So, here are 20 interesting activities I have compiled for you to make your days super fun.

Watch a movie or YouTube videos

What’s better than spending the day snacking in your bed having a run on all the latest movies and series. Watch a movie called “Parasite “You will not be disappointed. You could watch some funny youtubers like Liza Koshy or create some funny tiktok videos.

Get cooking and trying out new recipes.

 Come on guys. Some of you wouldn’t survive if you were left alone in the house for a week with no food. Subscribe to a food channel or site and try some new food recipes. Surprise your family members with a well-cooked meal. Taste it first before you poison them.

Work out

This is the time to get your revenge body and get muscular, slimmer or curvier. Get busy with home workout routines especially from YouTube to keep your body in shape .It is much cooler when you do with your family or do morning jobs. It will help boost your self-esteem and you might end up impressing your crush. Ha-ha

Learn a new language

Don’t just settle for Swahili and English. Try learning Greek, or Yoruba or Spanish. There are various apps designed to help with you that e.g. Duolingo

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Watch anime

Anime is not just cartoon. It’s a spiritual adventure (I don’t know where I heard this). There are various genres including yaoi (for the fujoshis). Try Naruto, fullmetal alchemist clover or deathnote. Once you get into anime, there is no going back.

Read novels/comic books

A novel recommendation would be “To kill a mocking jay”. For the comic, read “The wicked and the Divine.”They are quite enjoyable and educative at the same time .

Research new ways to make money

These include paid surveys, online writing, affiliate marketing. translating, online tutoring and starting your own website. Sites like fiverr are  good for freelancers.

Clean your room

Especially under your bed where you throw the dirty socks and half of the kitchenware. Wake up tomorrow morning with psyche and clean it all up. Those cobwebs in the ceiling and dust tainted windows, the loo, clean them all and enjoy living in a clean bedroom.

Try out new music

Try grm music, gengetown, reggae, jazz, rock, classical music, edm, etc. You can find nonstop music at

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Do your laundry

You could wash all those nasty dirty clothes hiding at the corner of your room.


Get crazy with some art either on your bedroom wall, a book or on your parents’ car. Better still, paint your nails.

Board game

You can play games such as scrabble, monopoly or chutes and ladders.

Have a one-man party

You can do this sober or drunk. Close the curtains, turn the music up and shake what your mum gave ya. I mean, life is short, right?

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Call your crush

Call him or her and finally confess your feelings. If it works out, yaay for you, if it doesn’t …….

Get drunk and call your ex

I’m I the only one who has the urge to call their ex when they are drunk? You could try it and tell them sweet nothings that you actually don’t mean and wake up to the self-loathing the next morning.

Hack into your neighbor’s WIFI

Why should you spend data bundles when your neighbor has WIFI? PS. If you get caught, you are on your own.

Video games

PlayStation games never disappoint us. Get your online friends and drive some cars in some city you have never heard of or been too, or better still, get some mission and do it together.

Make 3 sentence poems

I am really bad at this so I won’t even attempt it. You could even write a song, a rap and record yourself using your phone. You could be the next intern et sensation.

Help out your parents

What better way to show appreciation than helping out with chores? If you are in campus, then you are probably never home so do a good deed and be nice to your parents.

Catch up with schoolwork

We all know this will not happen. But some planning of your schoolwork will be effective for you when school resumes, whenever that will be.

I hope you now have an idea of what you will be doing tomorrow . Have fun and stay indoors.

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