Factors to consider before buying a laptop

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Its often a tough decision trying to decide on which laptop will fit your needs,
The following a several factors i personally look for in a laptop before i bu


The first factor i take deeply into consideration is the purpose of it.
let me explain.
personally being Into Information Technology (IT) // Computers i recommend people to buying a laptop that will serve them through the whole course and also jobs that will come across,
so if you are going to buy a laptop reconsider before spending on it,
only for it to fail to meet your expectations,

2. Price

Actually everyone will think of the price before purpose in that.
a cheaper one may also serve the purpose ~
which is not often true, in that a price of a laptop varies with specifications that the laptop has.
and also you will come across same models with different prices,
these may vary from venders and also New,Old/Used and Refurbished

3. RAM

chrome ram hogging

possibly the most common word you will come across in the tech world
and also some memes :p
here’s a perfect definition on RAM


the higher the better however that has other factors affecting your laptops performance
look for laptops with 4GB RAM and above, for minimal requirements.

3. Processor

most popular pc processors

Intel and AMD are the most common processors that you will come across in the PC world and possibly among the most confusing set
they are two different companies that create CPUs for all the major PC maker companies,
HP,DELL,ASUS,Mac,Toshiba etc
however AMD PCs are cheaper than Intel despite having greater specifications as compared to Intels line of PCs.

4. Screen size

screensize measurements

screensizes can be measured diagonally and they come handy in when choosing a pc depending on its purpose,

5. Graphics Card

This comes in handy for heavy graphics users,
Graphic Designers and Gamers alike, as this spares your CPU from wearing out due to being overworked

6. Condition

This varies from person to person but i prefer buying new pcs as to used and also Refurbished Pcs which will be way much cheaper,
the Sole reason for that is because most of the used or refurbished PCs may have a shorter time to live, and possibly might develop problems with Batteries and also hard disks.


Before buying a pc make sure it fits your budget and the other properties as described above

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