Easy Dieting Tips For College Students


College. The time we supposedly should have fun and have a stress-free life. Is it? I mean, there’s the parties, the alcohol, binge eating, junk eating, countless friends and debts we keep getting ourselves into. Don’t get me started on the unfinished assignments we struggle to finish on the night before the D-day. In the midst of all these, we have to stay fit, cut weight and be able to fit into our crop shirts and skirts, go for photoshoots and miraculously hope to look fabulous.

Not sure how to, below are some of the tips on how to lose weight, believe me I have also tried them and they always come in handy.

Here we go,

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Know the food that Is around you

Well does your campus only sell junk? chapo-smokie? Doughnuts that just taste like diabetes? You have to know the foods sold around you so that you can be able to plan and decide if you are going to buy the food or whether you will make food in your dorm or apartment which you will eat for the day.

Make time to exercise

I know. You feel lazy and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym or field to exercise. But you know what, you have to. Get a gym membership and try out the cardio exercises and strength training. Run laps around the field if the gym intimidates you. Aim for at least 40 minutes of exercise 3-5 days a week. Try yoga if both are just too tedious for you. If you don’t like both, you can do swimming, cycling to school or around school or walk to school instead of taking a bus every time.

Simple Diet Program
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Go on a diet.

This is my favourite. There are different diets to try out. There’s the keto diet, military diet, egg diet, Victoria models diet and the kpop diet (my favourite as it works in such a short time). Choose a diet that works best for you and do it. This way you will feel less burdened.

Get more sleep.

7-9 hours a night should be adequate. Do not stay up all night watching movies and texting your crush. Poor sleep leads to increased appetite, cravings and obesity.

Eat healthy alternatives

Eat more vegetables and fruits, blended juice (carrot, watermelon), drink plenty of water and avoid junk foods especially noodles. I know we all get tired when we get to our dorms after a day of listening to boring lectures. Don’t be tempted to take noodles or fast foods. Instead, eat a balanced diet.

Don’t starve yourself

Eat 5 times a day, smaller nutritional meals throughout the day instead of large sizes. This will help a long way in reducing your weight. If you eat constantly during the day it speeds up your metabolism but if you starve yourself your body goes into starvation mode. Scary, right?

Write down a routine and track down your progress.

This includes weighing yourself, measuring yourself, calculating when to eat and when to study because well, you came to campus to study. You can make all the strategies in the world but if you don’t get actually get started, you won’t lose the weight.


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