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Dealing With Roommates

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We have all had a roommate at some point in our lives, especially if you attended a boarding school

Having attended boarding school from the age of 8 years to 16 years I have had my own share of roommates. Now I’m in campus and I still go through the drama of having to share a house with someone.

So, an incident happened a few months ago before I moved to my own place.

It was on a hot Wednesday evening. My anatomy class had just ended and I was hungry, tired and sleepy. I wanted nothing more than to go to the hostel and sleep for a while. The distance from the class and the hostels was about 15 minutes of walking under the scorching sun.

My room was on the third floor so I hurried up the stairs to just get over it. When I got to the door ,I opened it and immediately wished that I had not. There was my roommate getting it on with some guy in green boxers and a white vest with a hole at the back.  I pretended that I had not seen them and immediately climbed on my bed.

For those of you who have been in such a situation, wearing earphones and blasting full volume is the best alternative for you. No sooner had I turned to face the wall and try to sleep than I felt a tap on my shoulder. So, I removed my earphones to face my roommate who had a pleading face on.

Roommate;        do me a favor

Me:                       what!!

Roommate:         could you give us like 1 hour

Me:                       (internally: where the heck am I supposed to go at this time !)

Roommate:          I promise we won’t take long

Man, I was pissed! I wore my sandals and had to walk to my friends hostel 5 minutes away to ask her whether I could chill at her place for a while. Well this happened a couple more times until one evening I decided that I had had enough. So, I decided to not leave and stay there until they were too ashamed to make out in front of me.

Boy was I wrong! The sounds and shaking of the bed made me voluntarily go away till around 9 pm. I came to realize that this was something people normally went though and I just had to put up with it.

After that year my parents allowed me to move out and boy was I thankful.

Honestly, I don’t what I would prefer; a rude roommate, a messy, one who always uses my stuff or one who is always late to the house and expects me to open the door at midnight.

At the end of it all, we have to learn how to live with people. Making ground rules on how to live together always works for most of my friends. If you can, always choose a roommate who you are compatible and comfortable with and you won’t be at each other’s throats every night.

What terrible or amusing roommate dramas have you encountered? Share them with me.

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