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When we talk about a hero first thing that comes to mind is comical stories.However this are people like us and amongst us.Here are characteristics of a hero:

1.Selfsacrificring– They are unaware of the often deep impact they make on other people’s lives, and they tend never to suspect deviousness or underhanded motives in the people to whom they give so much of themselves.

2. Kind– we can all agree a kind hearted soul always saves the day.

3.Rare– this personalities are a rare gem in a society that is enslaved by self-centeredness

4.Cheerful– the cheerful givers who give the little they have just to put a smile on someone’s else’s face

5.Legendary– need I say more this are living legends who in one way made sacrifices for the sake of others.The highest form of purpose in life.

6.Anonymous– they are unsung heroes; those you never heard or seen in the headlines but who definitely made a heartfelt impact in many lives.

The listed above is what I call a Hero.I salute, acknowledge and respect them wherever they are . It’s takes heart to be a folke with pure intentions to others not expecting anything in return ( the highest sacrifice one can make). I hope we all become a hero in the way we live our lives. Look out for each other,help one another and that’s how you build a heroic society. I believe that whatever you put your mind to, your set to achieve it . It’s Doable; and that way if all those efforts are combined then we will have changed the world. My humblest request in your list of goal kindly work on leaving the world a little bit than you found it. To wrap it up to all you heroes out there I have some special dedication we celebrate you;


Gramps Morgan- People Like You


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When we talk about a hero first thing that comes to mind is comical stories.However this are people like us and amongst...


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