Booking Fees For Kenyan Artists Revealed!

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The Kenyan music scene has seen steady growth since the #PlayKenyanMusic campaign that saw media houses gagged for not supporting the booming local talent. The growth has also been propped by the government 40% local content policy. The entrance of the new genre: Gengetone which was at first taught as a passing fad has given the youthful Kenyan something to relate with. It has literally replaced Bongo and Naija Music in clubs, matatus and other social places. The notion that music does not pay is now a thing of the past.

Kenyan artists are raking in obscene amounts of money from music purely. They are in the business of securing that proverbial bag from performances.

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If the list released by fast-rising Gengetone crew Boondocks Gang on their Instagram page is anything to go by, then music is putting food on the table for most artists through performances.

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