Bey T calls out Kenya Nights Organisers.

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Fast-rising Kenyan female rapper Bey T has called out the organisers of popular event Kenya Nights for what she has termed as disrespect of local artists. In a lengthy live video on her official Instagram handle she poured out her frustrations for not performing in the event after getting late to the event.

She complains on event organisers for making time for international acts to perform when they are late and not doing the same for local acts. She was referring to incidents that went on in the event that saw her not hitting the stage as earlier communicated by the organisers. She was not given time on stage for arriving late but was asked to perform after the headliners, Major Lazer was done with their performance but she declined terming it as disrespect.


Bey T throws shade at Kenya Nights owner Rizwan Ibrahim alias ‘Paper’ for using her posters to promote and selling tickets and of the event and not paying her yet his names means money. She further claims Rizwan hit the busy button when she rang him for reimbursement for using her image to sell tickets. “

‘This is a grown man letting the phone ring then hitting the busy button. How is your name Paper and you aint got the money ni***?”

Bey T

In the video, the teenager also advises other upcoming young talents not to take up any form of disrespect because of money.

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