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Working on a tight schedule and too busy to hit the gym? Well don’t worry here are a few applications with great workout routines that will get you fit and in shape at home. The routines have been tested and proven to be result oriented and well curated for your specific needs be it to lose weight, stay fit or get ripped. This apps require minimal or no equipment at all hence are very convenient. The routines are developed from simple exercises I had earlier written about here.

1.Nike Training Club

With over 200 free workout plans, Nike Training Club has to be the best home work out app. Whats more, you can customize your own workout plans depending on your age, weight, current fitness level and goals. Nike Training Club has made it easier for connection to the TV by few taps. The video illustrations accompanied by voice directions makes the app easy to use and explore. You also get nutrition and wellness guidance from experts.

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Registration is pretty simple and fast just like registering a Facebook account. The only downside while using Nike Training Club is that you are needed to download the workout plans to your device . Download Nike Training Club here

2. Fitbit Coach

Just like Nike Training Club, Fitbit Coach employs clear illustrative videos to guide your in your workout sessions. Apart from this you also get expert and professional guidance from professional instructors. You choose your instructor during registration according to your specific workout needs.

By registering for the Fitbit Coach Premium account, you get more workouts, customised plans tailored according to your progress and set targets. You also get to choose instructors from a wider range, audio coaching and you get connected to music stations.

To be able to use Fitbit Coach you will have to part with $9.99 ( Ksh1000) a month with discounts when you pay annually. Download Fitbit Coach here

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3. Adidas Training by Runtasic Work Out Fitness App.

Adidas Training offers a wide range of free workout content that is coupled with clear audio directions to aid you during your sessions. You can choose to use ready made workout plans or customize yours to your own liking and goals.

For a better user experience Adidas Training has a monthly paid subscription option that goes for $9.99. Download Adidas training here

4. Aaptive

Aaptive arguably offers the most personalised and customer oriented workout plans. The application takes you through steps to be followed in the workout plan by audio narration from motivational coaches. There is a wide selection of workout music to fire you through the session.

5. Leap Fitness

Leap Fitness provides several workout applications targeting customers with various needs; strength training, Home workout for men, Bodybuilding and Fat burning workouts and HIITS workouts. Leap Fitness

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