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A JKUAT student was attacked on Wednesday 20th November at around 9 pm by thugs at Philo 1 Street near Seagull Hotel. The yet to be identified student was in the company of two other students. His lips were cut and reports indicate that he was bleeding profusely when he was being rushed to the hospital.

This comes barely two weeks after the higher learning institution was shut down due to students unrest caused by massive insecurity that saw several attacks meted on students.

The police in Juja had promised to beef up security in the area and the county government promised to install street lights in the crime hot spots in areas around Gate C, Gashororo and Philo 1 and Philo 2 streets. This was after a national uproar mounted pressure on the government authorities to take action to see that the students’ lives are guarded.

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This happens just a few days before all students report back to school the one week shut down. At the time of going to press no official communication had been made by either the school or police based at Juja Police Station.

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