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Kirubai Brian
Learning, unlearning, relearning bkirubai@jujamaica.com

My name is Tito(not a cool name I know) and that gets to be some of the lemonade I get to make with the lemons my grandparents dealt me. My mother died during childbirth and my father is as real as bigfoot so my grandparents tasked themselves into molding me as they did my mother. I have no idea how she turned out. They rarely talk about her(even behind my back).

Today as I am being escorted to the bus station, I am teary. The last three weeks have been the most amazing ones of my short life on this planet even though the front of today’s newspaper would disagree. “Opong’s Successor?” it read. Well, I am not old enough to voice my political opinion but all I can say is that I don’t think the man himself has considered that.

Back to the fun part, your president three weeks ago announced the closure of all school and it coinciding with a school holiday made me go nuts. I don’t know what that phrase means but it sounded cool when those guys said it to John Rambo and he smirked. When I grow up I want to be like Rambo(though violence seems to look for him all the time). My grandparents are mere hand-to-mouth farmers so I get to see a movie like once a year (teaches you to suck every detail out of them).

So my grandparents being who they are and having raised my mother in the best way they could, decided to ferry me to my aunt’s place this time(I like her because she doesn’t talk a lot). She also happens to be the only sibling to my late mother. I hear from late-night stories(okay it’s eavesdropping) that my mother’s death changed her. That she used to “talk more” before.

Back to why the last three weeks were the most amazing I have ever had. I’m sorry I keep deviating but my concentration is just that poor(my English teacher can attest to that). “Building pink castles in the air?” My English teacher would shout leaving the class in laughter and yours truly in an imaginary black hole dropping in shame. I eventually got used to this. May her soul rest in peace.

I guess I’ll tell you as to why I’m teary next time. I’m sorry we could not do this today.

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My name is Tito(not a cool name I know) and that gets to be some of the lemonade I get to make...


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