2020 Secondary Schools Pre-season Tournaments: Thika Opens


The 2020 secondary schools pre-season tournament started on 18th January with the annual Thika open tournament. The turnout was pretty high and as expected every team brought it’s A-game. The tournament gave host to various games like rugby 7s, hockey, football, volleyball, basketball and handball.

This being the first tournament after a long two months December break there was some laxity on the players’ side but that didn’t stop them from giving scintillating performances. I was able to watch some of the rugby 7s games and some of the teams to watch going into the 2nd tournament were winners Nairobi School and runners up Katwanya High School. Semi-finalists Lenana School and Mang’u High School also had a good run before being knocked out in the semis.

The hockey pitch was also action-packed as the tournament had both school teams and professional clubs. The boys’ category was full of a lot of action but SMP were the ones smiling all the way home as they beat Parklands 2-0 to take the trophy. The girls’ category also brought with it some pretty entertaining games as they let the fans know not to be fooled by the skirts! Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls emerged victorious after a very captivating display throughout the tournament and an exceptional display on the final.


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